Frequently asked questions

A.I concieved? algorithmically generated? mugshots?? explain.

Our NFTs creation process consists of four different development stages: 1.Concept - A.I
After months of daily training and countless hours of answering yes/no questions - our A.I. can understand and establish cohesive relationships between a given large pull of words and conjure a thought-out description for an alien planet and an inhabitant race on its own. 2.Story - Humint
We then take the A.I's raw generated description, process it and conjure a more complex and descriptive biography of each planet and race. 3.Design - Humint
Based on the biography, our artists visually concept and hand draw the new races' NFTs. 4.Traits - Algorithm
Lastly, to make each Galaxiator a one of a kind, we use an algorithmic generator to assign each NFT a different combination of backgrounds, colors, weapons, armor and helmets.

How many Galaxiators NFTs will be created

As our concept for the drops is diffrent than other projects and the decision making is left to our A.I - We really can't tell until the very last drop is announced. BUT, to make sure our project is exclusive and manageable we restricted the collection to 11 drops.

What is the minting limit?

There's a different minting limit for each drop, based on it's size: For drops of 333 NFTs the mint limit is 3 NFTs per wallet For drops of 666 NFTs the mint limit is 6 NFTs per wallet For drops of 999 NFTs the mint limit is 9 NFTs per wallet

Who am I?

We don't know. But what we do know is that if you mint a Galaxiator NFT, whoever you are, you'll turn into a respected Galaxiators Lanista, with a fair chance at the arena and on the rough streets of our colony.

Where are all the technical guides - what is an NFT, how do I buy a Galaxiator, anything?

We believe that most of you already know the basic technical aspects of NFT, minting etc. If not, there are a lot of guides and information on the web. For newcomers without a Meta- wallet, we suggest you to check their official website Here. If you still can't find an answer to your question or having technical issues - feel free to contact us on our DISCORD channel and we'll be happy to help.

What can my Galaxiator do?

Fight for your Ludus name in a pvp gladiatorial managment online simulator! But not just that, they are your ticket to get accepted and walk around our remote colony.

How many Galaxiators NFTs will you reserve?

We will reserve up to 5% from each drop for community giveaways, in-game events, marketing and for our team members.

How much does it cost to mint a Galaxiator?

Mint total cost is = NFT price + gas We have 3 fixed prices for our NFTs, a price for each drop size: 999 Drop - 0.05 Per NFT 666 Drop - 0.07 Per NFT 333 Drop - 0.09 Per NFT

Where can I get updated on drops dates and status?

Our drops and their status will be announced and updated here, on our mailing list, Twitter and Discord. Make sure to join our list and follow us not to miss a drop or new announcements!